ELSNER Custom Tie Manufacturer


Custom Tie Manufacturer

ELSNER has been dealing with handmade sewing of ties, bow-ties, handkerchief and scarves since 1990. The production is performed in our plant in Poland.

The quality and experience is highly appreciated by our customers from Poland, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Products of some distinguished global brands are manufactured in our company.

Quality and experience are our priorities.

The first "ELSNER" tie was sewn in 1990.

From the very beginning it has been associated with the highest quality and its pattern-designing has adopted a characteristic classic style. The whole production is based on the materials coming from the most prominent weaver's establishments of Western Europe. Our strong point is a high-qualified staff of professional artisans who sew all types of ties by hand in our workshop in Poland.


ul. M. Konopnickiej 72
44-370 Pszów
TAX ID: PL6470501286
Tel: +48 602 765 339
e-mail: poczta@elsner.com.pl

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